AATS Focus on Thoracic Surgery: Lung and Esophageal Cancer

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submissions
Submit your abstracts to the AATS Focus on Thoracic Surgery: Lung and Esophageal Cancer meeting. Don’t miss the opportunity to present your abstracts and connect with world-renowned faculty in the field of thoracic surgery, including AATS Members and internationally recognized experts in lung and esophageal disease. Please submit your abstracts via http://jtd.amegroups.com/author/submit with a statement that this is an abstract submission for AATS Focus 2018 before Saturday, June 30, 2018.

Abstract Submission Deadline
Saturday, June 30, 2018

Abstracts may be submitted for the following categories:

  • Lung Cancer
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Surgery
  • Perioperative Care

General Guidelines

  • Abstract submissions will only be accepted in English.
  • An international panel of reviewers will review all abstract submissions.
  • All abstracts accepted by the Program Committee will be published in the Journal of Thoracic Disease (JTD) and it is mandatory to agree to this at the time of submission. There is a discounted publication charge at the author's expense of $500 USD per abstract submission. 
  • Please confirm that all abstract submissions meet ethical guidelines and required approval and/or informed consent, including adherence to the legal requirements of the study country.

Manuscript Submission
The AATS Focus on Thoracic Surgery: Lung and Esophageal Cancer meeting does not preclude the submission of the full manuscript to other journals.

Title and Author Information

  • Title of the research.
  • The full names of the authors and the addresses of the institutions at which the work was carried out (in English).
  • The full postal and email address of the corresponding author.
  • A short running title (less than 60 characters) should also be provided.

 Abstract Text

  • Do not include Title or Author data in the body of your abstract.
  • Abstracts must not exceed 500 words in length (not including title and authors).
  • You may use one table or one figure within your abstract.
  • The abstract should NOT use abbreviations which are not commonly accepted within the thoracic surgical literature.
  • Abstracts may be entered directly into the site or copied and pasted.
  • Research work should be original and innovative. Work cannot be presented before the 2018 AATS Focus on Thoracic Surgery: Lung and Esophageal Cancer meeting.

Abstracts must be structured with the following:

  • Background
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

Please provide Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships and conflicts of interests if there are any.

Abstract Notification
Abstract notifications will be sent to all presenting authors by email after July 20, 2018. It is the responsibility of the presenting author to notify all co-authors of the Program Committee’s decision.

Abstract Withdrawal
Requests for withdrawal of an abstract must be received in writing no later than July 5, 2018 and must state the reason for withdrawal.

For inquiries, please contact jtd@amepc.org. If your inquiry is regarding a particular draft or submission, please include the manuscript ID in your email.