Grant Writing Workshop

Poster Session Guidelines  

Please submit a 300 word description of your current research to be eligible to present your work in poster format at the meeting. The poster is intended to be a work-in-progress and not necessarily a finished product. Faculty will review your poster and make themselves available to discuss your research plans and offer suggestions for next steps. Authors must be registered for the Grant Writing Workshop prior to submission.

Each Scientific Poster will be assigned a number. Each author should look for his/her assigned number before putting up his/her poster. Author’s numbers will be assigned by alphabetical order based on the Author’s institution’s name and specialty.

Instructions for Preparation of Scientific Posters

  • Posters should be printed in portrait style. 
  • Posters should not be larger than 4’ by 2.9’ (121.92cm x 89cm) 
  • Stick pins will be available on site. 
  • The Poster’s title, author block, and institution’s name and logo should be displayed on the uppermost portion of the poster. Please note that your institution’s brand is important and should be visible at the top, i.e. institution’s name and logo.
  • The font and size used on the poster should be a legible size and style. 
  • Please send a copy of your poster and application to Charlotte LeTourneau by Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Poster Hours

  • Posters will be displayed in the general session room for the entire workshop.
  • Authors are expected to be available to answer questions during break periods and lunch.
  • Authors are expected to arrive 7:00 AM Friday, March 10, to check in with registration allow time for poster set-up, preparation, and any additional assembly that may be needed before the workshop begins. 
  • Authors are responsible for printing, shipping and discarding their own posters. 
  • Please note that the Association will not be mailing posters to participants at the conclusion of the workshop.
Poster Presenter Application
(Adobe PDF File)