Innovation Summit

Preliminary Program
Day 1: Saturday, April 29, 2017

6:30 AM


7:00 AM

Greetings and Overview
W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr. & Pedro J. del Nido

Breakfast Session: The Value of Networking
Moderated by: David R. Jones

7:15 AM

Summit Challenges
Michael J. Mack

7:45 AM

Morning Keynote Address: Surgeon Innovators and the Innovation Imperative

Session 1: Generating Great Ideas
Moderated by: Yolonda L. Colson

8:15 AM

Seeing Unmet Clinical Opportunities
William E. Cohn

8:30 AM

Forming a Team: Collateral Talent Engagement
Pedro J. del Nido

8:45 AM

Building Your Prototype and Testing Your Idea

9:00 AM

Panel Discussion: Is My Idea Worth Pursuing?

9:20 AM


Session 2: Managing Your Intellectual Property
Moderated by: Todd Rosengart

9:35 AM

How to Protect your IP Initially?
W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr.

9:50 AM

Creating Valuable IP: The Invention Process
Richard Stack

10:05 AM

Preparing a Successful Patent Application

10:20 AM

Panel Discussion: IP From Start to Patent!

Session 3: The Opportunity Gap – Where Ideas Starve
Moderated by: Mark Rodefeld

10:40 AM

What Is Between a Prototype and Commercialization
William E. Cohn

10:55 AM

Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and NIH for your Idea
Bartley P. Griffith

11:10 AM

Can COI Kill Good Ideas? Derisking your Technologic Idea
Pedro J. del Nido

11:25 AM 

Accelerating Translation, First-in-Human Studies and Start-Ups
Jeffery Karp

11:40 AM 

The FDA and Me! The Pathway
Michael J. Mack

11:55 AM

Panel Discussion: How to Prototype and What to do with it: Gain Momentum through the Gap

12:15 AM 


12:30 PM

Lunch Keynote Address: Idea to Commercialization – Personal Reflection

Session 4: Commercialization
Moderated by: Michael J. Mack

1:15 PM

How to Attract Investors to your Idea

1:30 PM

When and How to Bring in Partners
Glenn V. Batchelder

1:45 PM

If I Could Do It Differently
Frederick G. St. Goar

Session 5: Industry Discussion

2:20 PM Afternoon Keynote Address: The Future of Biotech is Bright
Glenn V. Batchelder
2:50 PM How Can Surgeons Work With Industry Today?
Industry Panel Discussion

3:30 PM


Session 6: Innovation to Commercialization Workshop
Moderated by: Richard S. Stack & William N. Starling

3:45 PM Incubate that Idea and Get It to Patient Care!
5:30 PM Adjourn

*Program is subject to change. 

 W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr & Pedro J. del Nido
 W. Randolph Chitwood, Jr & Pedro J. del Nido