Timothy J. Gardner Visiting Professorship 
An “Honoring Our Mentors” Program

Program overview
The AATS Foundation’s Timothy J. Gardner Visiting Professorship has been established by mentees, colleagues and friends of Dr. Gardner to honor his career as a nationally-recognized cardiac surgeon and leader in cardiovascular medicine. This visiting professorship will bring a prominent AATS member lecturer to an ACGME-approved cardiothoracic surgery residency institution. Sponsored and administered by the AATS Foundation, the professorship provides an annual award of up to $10,000 to an institution with specific educational needs. 

Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for this award:

  • Application must be completed by Chair or Program Director of the cardiothoracic surgery residency program. 
  • The Chair or Program Director must illustrate the current educational needs of the residency, as well as outlining the desired outcomes the lecturer could bring to the institution (one paragraph).
  • Requested lecturer must be a current AATS member.

Application Process
The deadline to apply is December 20, 2018, and the decision will be made in early 2019. In addition to an online application, candidates will be required to submit the following information and materials: 

  • Anticipated date of visiting professorship;
  • Other visiting professorships available at your institution;
  • Name of requested lecturer and lecturer’s institution;
  • A letter describing why your institution should be selected and how it would benefit from the proposed visiting professor;
  • A proposed budget explaining how the funding will be used. Each institution may have different programmatic cost breakdowns, however the following guideline can be used to outline proposed costs:

Budget Plan (example)

Business-class airfare


Hotel stay (1 night)




Group dinner (1)


Staff luncheon with AATS Lecturer


Ground Transportation


Plaque (framed certificate)


Misc. expenses (catering for lecture, gift, photographer, video recording)


*Please note that all logistics will be the responsibility of the awarded institution.

  • A proposed schedule using the following recommendations:
  • Day 1: Lecturer will attend a group dinner with Fellows.
  • Day 2 (morning): Lecture is given (topic must be related to cardiac surgery and/or thoracic surgical education).
  • Day 2 (afternoon/evening): Fellows attend Lecturer-lead hospital teaching rounds.

Post-professorship Follow-up
Upon conclusion of the Professorship, the institution must submit a final report to the AATS Foundation to include the following information:

  • A letter illustrating impressions of the visit;
  • Photographs of Lecturer and residents or staff;
  • Video of lecture (if possible);
  • Suggestions for improving the award and/or the administrative process (if any)
  • An expense report totaling all costs associated with the Professorship. Any remaining funding that is not used must be returned to the AATS Foundation.
The application deadline has passed.